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Incorporate study skills into your class and help your students succeed!

Greetings! Anyone who has taught Prealgebra or Beginning Algebra to today's developmental college students can understand why math study skills has become such a popular topic. Students seem to have the smarts to pass a college math class, but not the motivation and the "know-how."

As schools and departments become more focused on ways to encourage good study skills, they often find themselves unsure of how to proceed. Worse, they often feel they need to start from scratch in developing materials.

With the help of Pearson, I have created this online Study Skills community where colleagues can share information and material. This website has tons of free stuff to help you incorporate study skills into your class and make your students more successful!

I have been teaching developmental math for 13 years with a strong emphasis on study skills. In that time I have participated in several different study skills projects from grants projects to learning communities but like to focus on incorporating study skills into a regular developmental math class.

You can check out my Math Study Skills workbook published by Pearson. Also, go to Facebook and "Like" my Math Study Skills.

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