Always Learning

User Testimonials

“Again, you have written one of the best textbooks I have ever reviewed. You do a great job of using research-based material, provide clear statements describing complicated issues, provide useful summaries, and write in a way that enhances student interest and learning.” —Dale Lund, California State University, San Bernardino

“The writing style is extremely fluid, easy to read, and engaging.” —Cheryl Anagnopoulos, Black Hills State University

“The research is absolutely current, relevant, and well-integrated throughout the text.” —Lori Bica, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

“Laura Berk has included more diversity content (in both regular text and various boxes) than in any other comparable text. Bravo for Berk.” —Tracie Blumentritt, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

“The coverage of research and information relevant to cross-cultural differences … highlights how another culture's practices might reflect an improvement over the ones that are familiar to us.” —Debra McGinnis, Oakland University

“This text does a good job of highlighting some of the more positive aspects related to aging.” —Melinda Heinz, Iowa State University,

“The tables, charts, photos and … specific pedagogical tools enhanced the experience rather than being a distraction.” —Joseph Kishton, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

“I think students need stories to serve as frameworks for thinking about developmental concepts, and this text provides that.” —Mary Ann Erickson, Ithaca College