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Briggs / Cochran / Gillett

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Calculus, 2/e

The most successful new calculus texts published in the last two decades.

This much anticipated second edition retains the best of the first edition while introducing important advances and refinements. The authors build from a foundation of meticulously crafted exercise sets, then draw students into the narrative through writing that reflects the voice of the instructor, examples that are stepped out and thoughtfully annotated, and figures that are designed to teach rather than simply supplement the narrative. The authors appeal to students' geometric intuition to introduce fundamental concepts, laying a foundation for the development that follows.

Titles available

by Briggs / Cochran / Gillett

Also available: split editions for single and multivariable calculus

Sample Chapter

From Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 2/e –

Chapter 5: Integration

View a sample chapter PDF

What's New to the Second Edition

  • Significant additions to MyMathLab, driven by the Calculus MyMathLab Advisory Panel

  • 19% more exercises, particularly mid-level exercises

  • Improvements to the text driven by extensive user feedback

For details on all of the above, visit our online catalog for Calculus or Calculus, Early Transcendentals.

for Briggs‌/‌Cochran‌/‌Gillett

The MyMathLab courses for Briggs/Cochran/Gillett feature:

  • More than 7,000 assignable algorithmic exercises to provide you with the options you need to meet the needs of students.

  • Learning aids, including guided exercises, additional examples, and tutorial videos. You control how much help your students can get and when.

  • Built-in tools to identify gaps in prerequisite skills and provide personalized remediation for those skills.

  1. What does a great day in your classroom look like? A robust MyMathLab® course accompanies the text. Watch the video to learn more.

Calculus eText with Interactive Figures

The award-winning eText, available within MyMathLab, contains more than 650 Interactive Figures that can be manipulated to shed light on key concepts.

  • Use for in-class demonstrations to save time and aid comprehension.

  • Assign Interactive Figures as homework using questions written by the authors.

Try the eText and Interactive Figures now!

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