Pearson Collections Design Services

Design Services for Your Online Library

Not every instructor has time to build their own online library of course materials, which is why we offer several levels of design services to save you time. Take advantage of more flexibility with less effort.

Pearson Collections screenshot showing a curated collection educators can use as their own online libraries.
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Start with a Curated Collection

We have pre-built curated collections in collaboration with subject matter experts. Choose the author and title that fits your needs, select the modules you plan to cover, and we’ll add in the digital chapters, rich media, and other resources that our experts have selected. Your tailored Collection is ready to publish in a just a few minutes.

Pearson Collections screenshot of an educator’s online library with several rich media assets.
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Create Unlimited Media Bundles

Not sure if you want this video or that simulation in your collection? With Unlimited Media Bundles, you can add as many of Pearson’s rich media assets as you want. Students pay a flat fee for access, and you have the flexibility to decide which assets to assign.

Let Us Build Your Collection for You

Our team of specialists would be happy to build a collection to your specifications upon request. Contact your Pearson representative to ask for this service, and one of our specialists will contact you to set up your online library.

To request a demo of Pearson Collections or get more information, please contact your Pearson representative.