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Pearson Collections Go Digital

Share your Collection digitally

Pearson digital Collections gives you the power to curate the content you want, and share it with your students in an easy-to-use eText.

Collections eTexts are available via Pearson eText and VitalSource Bookshelf®. The choice is yours — both eText options deliver the same high-quality content of a print book at an affordable price, offer a mobile app with offline reading capability, and feature easy-to-use search and study tools.

Choose the eText that’s right for you

Pearson eText

As our premier delivery platform, Pearson eText helps you extend learning beyond the classroom.

Access reading analytics

Use the dashboard to see how students work in their Pearson eText (time spent reading, highlighting, and taking notes), so that you can plan more effective instruction in and out of class.

Share highlights and notes with students

Add your personal teaching style to important topics, call out need-to-know information, or clarify difficult concepts directly in your Pearson eText.

Schedule readings

Assign a chapter or specific section to hold students accountable for their reading and help them prep for lecture, homework, and quizzes.

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VitalSource Bookshelf

For customers in the United States, Collections eTexts are also available via VitalSource Bookshelf — the textbook app for smarter reading, studying, and learning.

VitalSource Bookshelf features a suite of study tools designed to increase retention. Analytics show insights at the learner, book, and course level, so you can ensure students are reading early and often.

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