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Pearson Collections Go Digital

Share your Collection digitally

Pearson digital Collections gives you the power to curate the content you want, and share it with your students in an easy-to-use eText. The mobile app lets students read and study using their favorite mobile device, even when they are offline. And, reading analytics give you insight into exactly how students are using their digital Collection, helping you tailor your instruction in and out of class.

Help students see how reading is relevant to the course

It’s easy to share your notes and highlights with students to add your personal teaching style to important topics, call out need-to-know information, or clarify difficult concepts.

Gain insight into how students use their eText

Reading analytics let you see how students work in their digital Collection (time spent reading, highlighting, and taking notes), so that you can plan more effective instruction.

Help students focus on what they need to study

The notebook lets students see notes you’ve shared, create their own notes and highlights, and easily group their notes — all in one place.

Extend the learning experience

The Pearson eText mobile app lets students access their digital Collection whenever they have a moment in their day, even when they are offline.

Provide an affordable option

Your digital Collection delivers the same high-quality content of a print book at an affordable price.

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