Pearson Collections Exceptional Value for Students

An Online Library Even a Student Can Love

Imagine having an online library of course materials—textbook content, videos, simulations, study tools—that perfectly matches your instructor’s syllabus. That’s Pearson Collections. Just what you need, when you need it, with no fluff.

Pearson Collections Student Dashboard
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Get More for Your Money

It’s frustrating to pay for course materials you never use. With Collections, your instructor has handpicked every piece of content, so you only pay for what you’ll use in the course.

Pearson Collections - Focus on What’s Important
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Focus on What’s Important

Because your instructor chose the content in your Collection, you know it’s going to be covered in your course and will likely be on the exam. Because there’s no waste, you can be confident that your time learning the material will be well spent.

Pearson Collections - Jump Right In
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Jump Right In

Quickly access all of your course Collections from your student dashboard. You can also search within a selected Collection for key topics you want to review.