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Pearson Collections Product Features

Study Tools for Students

If you have registered for a digital Collection, you have a set of robust tools to help you study and learn.

Build Your Own Study Guide

With Pearson Collections, you can bookmark specific pages, videos, simulations, and other materials, so that you can return to them to review key concepts whenever you need.

Take Note

Highlighting and note taking help you organize your learning and improve retention. You can also view notes that your instructor adds to your course materials.

Find the Answers

You can search across your collection by keyword to see all the places where a term appears. The search results pane allows you to quickly find just the right passage to help you with a challenging topic.

Print it Out

Want to study on the go and can't get online? Just print out the pages you want and you're on your way.

Best Value

With Pearson Collections, your instructor has hand picked every piece of content, so you're paying for only what you'll be using in the course.