Efficacy & Educator Studies

At Pearson, we define efficacy as a measurable impact on improving lives via learning. We're embarking on a global initiative to help people make progress in their lives through learning.

We're elevating our focus from the inputs of an education system to the outcomes of a learning process. And we're ensuring that the products and services we deliver are underpinned by insights from educational research and have a positive impact on the lives of learners around the world.

Efficacy Studies | Educator Case Studies

Efficacy Studies

We are undertaking a program of efficacy studies, conducted in partnership with independent organizations and individual researchers, to evaluate the impact on student outcomes educators are able to achieve using our products. We are applying insights from these studies, and from independently conducted research, published in peer-reviewed journal articles, to make revisions to our products and services in order that educators are able to use them to maximize the desired impact on learning.

Our efficacy studies are designed to adhere to rigorous academic standards and are aimed at investigating the institutional and instructional contexts under which the use of Pearson products and services are most likely to impact on outcomes for students.

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Educator Case Studies