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Meet the developer

Webster West is a professor of Statistics at North Carolina State University. Shortly after completing his PhD in Statistics at Rice University in 1994, Dr. West began developing Internet resources for statistical education. In the mid 1990s, he started to construct interactive web-based java applets that help students understand difficult statistical concepts. To date, he has developed more than 50 such applets, many of which now accompany introductory statistics textbooks. In the same vein, he began to develop a complete online data analysis package in 1997. With support from the National Science Foundation, his StatCrunch package has now blossomed into one of the most used statistical resources on the Web.

In 2005, he received the CAUSEweb Resource of the Year Award and the Merlot Classics Award for the StatCrunch project. Currently, he is a Principal Investigator (with Roger Woodard) of the National Science Foundation funded Improving National acceptance of Computing Intensive Statistical Techniques (INCIST) project that is developing, field testing, and disseminating computationally intensive materials for teaching the topics in an introductory statistics course.

Outside of software development, Dr. West has numerous research interests most of which (not surprisingly) involve a fair amount of statistical computing. He has also published extensively in the fields of changepoint analysis and toxicological risk assessment.