Award-winning, fully inclusive college courses

Propero courses include all course components, including interactive lesson presentations, downloadable audio podcasts, eBooks, assessments, tutoring support, enhanced technical support, and student success coaching that can supplement your own.

Rigorous Content

Propero courses are built by teams of subject-matter experts, using CODiE award-winning content. Engaging multimedia assets, and up to ten hours of live tutoring support per course help enhance the learning environment, bringing each topic to life and promoting success at every step. 

Academic Integrity

Propero’s gated-progression model lets students work at their own pace, while ensuring that they meet rigorous benchmarks before moving on to the next topic or unit.

Propero courses are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), and many of our courses have been reviewed by Quality Matters and the U.S. Distance Learning Association.

Engaging Material

Interactive lesson content, multimedia, and reading assignments from leading Pearson eTexts are aligned with each learning outcome to support mastery of the material. Every learning outcome is tested via an integrated strategy of formative, performance-based, and summative assessments designed to help your students achieve. 

The Propero course experience has been optimized for laptops, iPads and other devices to meet students where they are and deliver a consistent, quality learning experience on any device. 

Student-centric Tools

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Each Propero course contains virtual academic advising resources, as well as direct access to a personal student success coach.

Tutoring services are also included in most Propero courses. Students are connected via live chat with someone who can not only help answer their questions right then and there, but do so in a way to help them master the underlying concepts for a lifetime of success.

See an example

Pace Chart: A personalized course calendar

Propero students can start courses at any time, moving at their preferred pace. Courses may be completed in just a few weeks or up to six months. Students enter their desired completion date and the Pace Chart forms a personalized course calendar, tracking the progress of the goal along the way.

Study Guide

The personalized study guide provides opportunities for students to evaluate their confidence, while providing a recommended study path based on their results. With just one click, students are directed from results to “Review Topic,” with unlimited practice opportunities that help them make the most of their study time and promote achievement.

BioSig technology to ensure security

Propero courses also include BioSigID, a biometric signature technology that verifies the identity of the student taking the exam. Before the first graded exam, the student creates a unique signature, by drawing on-screen, to establish his or her identity. What matters is not just what they draw, but how they draw it.

For future exams, the student signs back in with his or her unique signature to unlock the exam. Unlike PINs, passwords, and tokens, BioSigID cannot be lost, stolen, or borrowed. It can be used on any device, is age- and language-agnostic, and has been tested to be 99.97% accurate.