Academic Advisors

Student-centric learning

Students struggle to solve cost, access, and completion challenges on their own, and often turn to alluring, but misleading or confusing choices. Propero is built with the success of the student and institution in mind enabling students to stay enrolled at their institution of choice, while giving them the flexibility they need to complete a course of study at the pace that is right for their unique needs.

Accredited courses

The American Council on Education (ACE) has recommended Propero courses for 3 and 4 credit hours. Propero also participates in the ACE Transcript Service. To the benefit of our students, this service offers a nationally recognized transcript and lifelong record for students who have successfully completed our courses.

A fully supported course experience

Once a student enrolls in a Propero course, they are supported by an ecosystem of student success coaching and on-demand tutoring. Propero uses behavioral triggers to improve the supported nature of the experience. Using specific triggers and reporting functions, Student Success Coaches will contact the student as necessary to offer academic help and advice.

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