The Course Experience

You want to be engaged as you learn. We understand.  We also know engagement is important to true retention and learning. For that reason, each of Propero's over 40 college-level, general education, and introductory courses includes:
  • Online course material
  • eTextbook
  • Interactive lesson presentations
  • Audio-to-go podcasts
  • A personal student success coach
  • 10 hours of live, on-demand tutoring (*most courses include this)
  • Personalized study guides
  • User-specific pacing charts
  • Audio/video components
  • Interactive "Check Your Understanding" exercises/quizzes

Sample Course Overview

Your course on your device

The Propero course experience meets you where you’re most comfortable. Laptop, tablet, or other mobile device…no matter where you learn, with Propero you’re sure to have a consistent, quality learning experience. And downloadable lesson presentations allow you to enjoy audio to go, anytime, anywhere.

A personal coach to help you succeed ...

Each Propero course contains virtual academic advising resources, as well as direct access to a personal student success coach, who will monitor your activity throughout the course and guide you on a path to course completion.

Tutoring services are also included in most Propero courses. Just click the tutoring link in your course, and you'll be connected by chat with someone who can not only help you solve your problem right then and there, but do so in a way to help you master the underlying concepts for maximum retention.

See an example

MyPaceChart: Your personal course calendar

Start your courses at any time, moving at your preferred pace. Courses may be completed in just a few short weeks, or up to six months. Enter your desired completion date and the Pace Chart forms a personalized course calendar, tracking the progress of your goal along the way.

Study Guide

Evaluate your confidence heading into each lesson with the study guide, which provides a recommended study path based on your results. With just one click, you are directed from results to “Review Topic,” with unlimited practice opportunities to help you make the most of your study time.

Practice Quizzes

After you're finished with a lesson, you'll be prompted to take a practice quiz to gauge your overall comprehension of the lesson material. Once you reach a score of 80% or higher, your final, graded assessment will be unlocked. You'll have six attempts to complete the practice quiz and earn an 80%. If you are unable to earn this within six attempts, your success coach will connect with you to evaluate your study habits and answer any questions prior to resetting your practice opportunities.