Earning College Credit

With a 70% or greater passing score for the course, you are eligible to receive an American Council on Education (ACE) transcript. Before enrolling in a Propero course, be sure to check with your academic advisor or admissions counselor to confirm that you will be able to receive college credit.

ACE Credit

The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit for all Propero courses. The American Council on Education, the major coordinating body for all the nation's higher education institutions, seeks to provide leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues and to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives.

For more information, visit the ACE CREDIT website.

Transferring college credit

Propero also participates in the American Council on Education's (ACE) Transcript Service. The ACE Transcript Service offers a lifelong record for students who have successfully completed our courses that have been reviewed by ACE CREDIT. This service enables adult learners to present a nationally recognized transcript to the college or university of their choice for the potential award of academic credit.

For more information, visit the ACE CREDIT Transcript Service website.

You may also contact your Student Success Coach to help request a Transcript through ACE.

Student Guide To Earning Credit