Homeschool/K-12 Students

Begin earning college credit today

Propero offers a flexible and affordable way to get started toward your college degree. With Propero, you can earn college credits while completing your high school program. Start when you want, with up to 6 months to complete the course. There is no need to wait for the new semester or term to begin. And, since it’s all online, you save time and money.

Tips for homeschool students

As you consider entering an online college classroom, we have a few tips to make this transition smooth and successful.

Selecting a Propero course 

We want you to be successful and placed in an academically appropriate course. While this is a guide, it is based on nationally recognized scores for dual-credit, high school students.  Students should be in 11th or 12th grade, following an advanced path.

ACT Score Guide
English Composition I English score 18 or higher
College Algebra Math score 22 or higher
Social Science/ Humanities Reading score  21 or higher
Introduction to Biology Science  score 24 or higher
SAT Score Guide
English Composition I English 440 or higher
College Algebra Math 520 or higher

Statistics, Accounting, Macro or Microeconomics-student should have successfully completed College Algebra. English Composition II–student should have successfully completed English Composition I.

Establish good time management and study habits

Students in college courses need to be self-motivated and able to plan and follow through with their work schedule. You will need to set up a study schedule for your Propero course. Generally, you should be completing one lesson per week. Propero courses include a pace chart that can help you manage your time and plan what work needs to be completed every week. Even though you can work at your own pace, self-paced does not mean no pace.

Reach out to Propero support services as needed

Propero courses come with many resources to assist you. Most Propero courses have ten hours of tutoring. You can drop-in or schedule a tutoring session. Additionally, a Student Success Coach will be assigned to you and will be engaging via email and sometimes telephone. Be sure to use the resources available to get help and ask questions.


Propero is a proud partner of the Indiana Foundation for Homeschooling and homeschool families everywhere.

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