Military Personnel

Flexible, on-demand courses that work for your lifestyle

Our active duty military, dependents and veterans often require an additional level of scheduling flexibility, and we understand that.  Propero's self-paced format allows you to choose your start date and work at your preferred pace until completion. Our personalized coaching can even accommodate for weeks of inactivity due to deployments, PCSing, or other life events that may disrupt your academic pursuits. 
We understand the sacrifices you make to serve, and we're committed to giving you the flexibility you need to achieve your own goals.

Distance Learning

We understand that serving in the military means dealing with certain restrictions, which can include how, when, and where you access technology. Propero equips you to learn when and where you're able, with audio podcasts and quizzes available to download and use on the go.

Earning Credit

With a 70% or greater passing score for the course, you're eligible to receive an American Council Education (ACE) transcript. In addition, many schools that are not formally part of the ACE consortium also honor Propero course credit.

Before enrolling in a Propero course, be sure to check with your academic advisor or admissions counselor to confirm that you will be able to receive college credit.