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Students and K-12 Educators Higher Education Instructors


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Students and K-12 Educators Higher Education Instructors

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Help students see course content in action

A career in teaching or one of the helping professions is very much a hands-on occupation. Students will be ready to succeed in their careers only when they can implement what they’ve learned in their courses in practical settings. That’s where Pearson comes in.

Pearson eTexts enable students to see how course concepts are applied by educators and helping professionals on a daily basis. Many Pearson eTexts are enhanced with videos that depict interactions in actual classrooms or clinical environments. When students can see course content in action, it aids retention, boosts engagement throughout the course, and helps them understand how they will apply what they’re learning in their future careers.

Accessible anytime, anywhere via PC, Mac, iPad, and Android Tablets, Pearson eTexts are available at a substantial discount over traditional printed texts. So, switch to a Pearson eText today and help your students break through to an affordable digital experience.

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