The initial release of modules will consist of Food and Beverage Management topics. This curriculum content is built around nine clusters:


The History of Restaurants
The Restaurant Industry & Restaurant Segments
Understanding the Influence of Culture in the Foodservice Industry: Is it Important?

Special Segments and Operations

Private Club Foodservices: A Member-Driven Environment
Multi-Unit Restaurant Management
The Provision and Management of Food and Beverage on Cruise Ships
On-Site Foodservice Management
Health Care Food Services
Long-Term Care Dining Services
Food Service in Cultural Institutions
College and University Foodservices
Culinary Research and Development
Hotel Catering Sales
Hotel Banquet Management
Room Service Management
Food and Beverage Operations in Casino Environments
All-Inclusive Food and Beverage Operations

Responsible Food Service

Applying Sustainability Principles to Restaurants

Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Restaurant Concepts & Experience Design
Crafting a Restaurant Business Plan
Restaurant Marketing: Twitter for Business
Hotel Co-Branding Agreements: A Food and Beverage Perspective
Restaurant Marketing: Managing Your Online Brand

Menu Planning

Hotel Food and Beverage Procurement Supply Chain Strategies
Menu Design for the Food & Beverage Operation
Menu Pricing for the Food & Beverage Operation
Pricing Structure Selection in the Restaurant Industry
Wine & Beverage Menu Design & Pricing
Beverage Management: Wine Programs
Beverage Management: Cocktail and Liquor Programs
Managing the Beer-Centric Operation

Facility Planning

Facility Planning and Design
Front-of-House Design for Optimal Restaurant Performance
Essentials of Bar Design
Food & Beverage Technology

Service Procedures

Dining Room Operations: Establishing Service Standards and Procedures
Dining Room Operations: Service Styles and Organization
Legal and Ethical Issues in Food and Beverage
Foodservice Training Design
Food Safety for Restaurant Managers

Process and Revenue Management

Restaurant Revenue Management: Basic Concepts
Restaurant Revenue Management: Advanced Demand Management Concepts
Restaurant Revenue Management: Advanced Supply Management Concepts
Six Sigma and its application in Hotel F&B

F&B Control Procedures

Establishing Labor Standards & Scheduling Basics
Beverage Management: Bar Control Procedures
Standardized Food Costs
Cost/Volume/Profit (CVP) Analysis in Restaurants
Comprehending and Analyzing Food and Beverage Financial Statements
Hotel F&B Profitability Analysis and Cost Management – An Asset Manager's Perspective