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The Lial Developmental Math texts and MyMathLab resources have helped thousands of students succeed by providing the best learning and teaching support to students and instructors. Marge Lial was a pioneering author and a visionary teacher who established features that are now standard in nearly all developmental math titles. The Lial author team has always been known for creating innovations in response to the needs of instructors and students, and that continues with each new revision.

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At Pearson, we offer our content in a variety of formats to meet the needs of today’s students. The options for the Lial Developmental Math Series include the following:

Lial Developmental Math Titles

The Lial author team has written more than a dozen texts, which are frequently updated to ensure that you are getting the highest quality content for your courses. All of the texts are available with MyMathLab and the complete Lial Video Library. Plus, new Integrated Review MyMathLab courses and various workbook options are available for select titles.


The Lial series provides supportive pedagogy, ample exercises, and extensive end-of-chapter material to ensure success for students.

Examples That Teach: the examples in the text teach students the skills by offering embedded pointers and immediate opportunities to practice what was just learned.

Just-in-Time Help: by anticipating student needs, the authors place strategic learning exactly when needed, with Pointers, Cautions, Notes, and Solution Clips.

Study Skills Support: study skills activities integrated throughout the text provide proven strategies for learning math.

End-of-Chapter Review: each chapter ends with a detailed Chapter Summary, Review Exercises, and a Chapter Test to aid students as they prepare for tests.

Examples That Teach

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Margin Problems allow students to immediately practice the example material and check their answer at the bottom of the page in preparation for the exercise sets.

Just-in-Time Help: Pointers

Click to zoom Just-in-Time: Pointers

Pointers in the examples give tips on specific procedures.

Just-in-Time Help: Caution

Click to zoom Just-in-Time: Caution

Cautions (highlighted in yellow) warn students about common mistakes.

Just-in-Time Help: Notes

Click to zoom Just-in-Time: Notes

Notes (highlighted in blue) emphasize important ideas.

Just-in-Time Help: Solution Clips

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Solutions Clips show an instructor working through the complete solutions to selected exercises from the text. Exercises with a solution clip are marked in the text and e-book with a play button icon.

Study Skills Support

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Poor study skills and behaviors are major factors in low success rates in mathematics courses. Because students need specific instruction in study skills, they are contextualized and integrated throughout the text.

End-of-Chapter Review

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The Chapter Summary includes terms with definitions and graphics, New Formulas and Symbols, Test Your Word Power, and a Quick Review for each section with extra examples.

Lial Video Library

Videos are increasingly important for course redesign and connecting with today’s students. The Lial Video Library includes all of the following resources, with optional English captioning available for each. Spanish captioning is available with select titles as well.

Workbook Options

Various workbook options are available with the different Lial series to guide students’ learning and provide extra practice. All workbooks are available for stand-alone purchase, can be accessed within MyMathLab at no additional charge, or can be packaged with a text or MyMathLab code at a discount.

For Hardback Series, © 2016

NEW! The Lial Video Library Workbook is an unbound, three-hole-punched workbook/note-taking guide that helps students to develop organized notes as they work along with the videos. The notebook includes:

  • Guided Examples to be used in conjunction with the Lial Video Library Section Lecture Videos and/or Objective-Level Video clips, plus corresponding Now Try Exercises for each text objective.
  • Extra practice exercises for every section of the text with ample space for students to show their work.
  • Learning objectives and key vocabulary terms for every text section, along with vocabulary practice problems.

For Integrated Review MyMathLab Courses,
© 2016

NEW! The Lial Video Library Workbook with Integrated Review provides additional practice for both the course and the prerequisite content.

  • Same features as the Lial Video Library Workbook
  • Guides students through the Integrated Review in MyMathLab by objective
  • Additional practice exercises and ample space for students to show their work

For All in One, © 2015

NEW! The MySlideNotes notebook provides a note-taking tool based on the PowerPoint slides that accompany the text.

  • Extra examples let students apply the concepts and procedures on the slides.
  • Guided solutions break problems into small, manageable steps.
  • Vocabulary practice ensures that students have a firm grasp of the key new terms.

For Worktext Series, © 2013

NEW! MyWorkBook provides the following resources for every section:

  • Key vocabulary terms, and vocabulary practice problems
  • Guided Examples and similar Practice Exercises, keyed to the text Objectives
  • References to Examples, Section Lecture Videos, and Solutions Clips for more help
  • Additional Practice Exercises with ample space for students to show their work


The tightly integrated MyMathLab courses offer new Guided Solutions, and two MyMathLab course options are now available:

  • Standard MyMathLab courses allow instructors to build their courses their way, offering maximum flexibility and control over all aspects of assignment creation.
  • NEW! Ready-to-Go courses provide students with all the same great MyMathLab features, but make it easier for instructors to get started by including pre-built AND pre-assigned assignments. The Ready-to-Go MyMathLab courses, available with the © 2016 Hardback Series Titles also feature a new Integrated Review MyMathLab course model.
  • Preview our Integrated Review Offerings (PDF) >

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Guided Solutions

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Guided Solution Exercises in the text margins and exercise sets guide students through the first few solution steps, and are marked with a GS icon. To take this a step further, these new types of exercises are assignable in MyMathLab.

Ready To Go Course

Click to zoom Ready To Go Course

New Ready-to-Go courses provide students with all the same great MyMathLab features, but make it easier for instructors to get started.


Lial texts partnered with MyMathLab can be successfully implemented in any environment—lab-based, hybrid, fully online, and traditional courses—for a consistently positive impact on the quality of learning in higher education math instruction. MyMathLab is the world’s leading online resource in mathematics, integrating interactive homework, assessment, and media in a flexible, easy-to-use format.

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