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What Is ManageFirst®?

ManageFirst is a competency-based, management development program brought to you by the most trusted organization in the industry — the National Restaurant Association (NRA) — and Pearson. Through a rigorous 18-month Job Task Analysis by more than 400 academics, operators, hiring managers, and executives, this unique program focuses on the key competencies critical for success in the industry defined by today's professionals while incorporating common course objectives across the 10 topic areas. In addition to the JTA process, extensive market and product research was performed to ensure that the program be designed to meet the needs of the academic community.

The ManageFirst Program Advantage

Developed by the industry, for the industry.

Certificates and Credential demonstrate student's mastery of competencies.


Easy implementation.

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Program Components


The ManageFirst Program includes 10 topics/textbooks that can be used as standalone training materials or in conjunction with other materials. Full-color and exquisitely designed, these books contain the essential content for the topic as defined by industry, as well as learning activities, assessments, case studies, suggested field projects, professional profiles, testimonials and more!

What's New to the Second Edition?

ServSafe® and ServSafe Alcohol® are also part of the ManageFirst Program. They are standalone programs and therefore have their own textbooks. For more information on these two titles, please visit

Student Exam Prep — Online

This new online offering is available separately or packaged with each of the textbooks. Each one includes helpful modules on the importance and significance of the ManageFirst credential, test-taking strategies, and a comprehensive practice section with test questions and rationales that enable students to feel confident when the official exam day arrives!

Instructor Resources

Instructor resources are available electronically and include Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations (view sample) with key points and textbook images, a computerized test generator, and a comprehensive instructor's manual. Instructor's Manual (view sample) includes Learning Objectives, Chapter Summary, Key Terms, Chapter's Concepts and Teaching Tips, Case Study Answers, Application Exercise Solutions, Review Your Learning Answer Key, Field Project Explanations, Suggested In-Class Activities, and Suggested Homework Activities.


High-stakes, certification exams are available for each topic area covered in the ManageFirst Program. Online and paper exam formats are offered. Exams are to be administered in a proctored environment by a registered Instructor/Proctor. The National Restaurant Association processes all exams. For more info visit

Click here for more information on the transition plan for certification exams.


Participants in the ManageFirst Program earn ManageFirst Program certificates after passing the exam correlating to a ManageFirst topic. These certificates, provided by the National Restaurant Association, are a lasting recognition of a student's accomplishment and serve as a resource to be used in the job search process. See a sample certificate.

The ManageFirst Professional® (MFP) Credential

Upon successful completion of five ManageFirst Program exams (four core topics and one foundation topic) and 800 hours of requisite documented work experience, a student is awarded the ManageFirst Professional® (MFP) Credential. See a sample ManageFirst Professional Credential.

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Program Topics

The NRA ManageFirst Program includes 10 textbooks (plus the ServSafe® Food Safety Program & the ServSafe Alcohol® Program) covering these topics:

ManageFirst Core Credential Topics/Textbooks

ManageFirst Foundation Topics/Textbooks (Elective)

How to Order

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