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System Requirements for Exam Prep

Operating Systems and Browsers

To work in Exam Prep, your computer must meet at least the 56 Kps (kilobits per second) connection speed and be using one of the following operating system and browser configurations:

Operating System and Browser Requirements

To check your operating system, turn on your computer and look for information on your operating system as the computer boots up. You can also find this information in your computer settings. For example, if you have a PC you can look at "View System Information" in "My Computer," which is accessible from the Start menu.

If you are unsure of the browser version you are using, launch the browser and select Help from the menu bar. Next, select "About Browser" (the browser name and the exact wording of the selection will vary) and a window will open with your browser name and version.

Cookies and JavaScript options

Exam Prep may use both cookies and JavaScript technology. (Cookies provide a way for the website to identify users and keep track of their preferences.) Both of these features must be turned on in your browser and are usually enabled by default. See your browser Help for instructions on how to view or change these browser options.

Pop-up windows

Some features of this website display in a pop-up browser window. If you are using a browser that offers pop-up control or are running an add-on program to control pop-ups, you may need to take steps to use such features. The steps to take depend on the browser or add-on program you are using.

Exam Prep in Blackboard/WebCT

Please log into the Blackboard or WebCT service hosted at your school and find the system requirements listed for your version of the platform software.

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