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Every Student Can Succeed

Elayn Martin-Gay firmly believes that every math student can succeed. She has taught math at the University of New Orleans for more than 25 years and earned numerous teaching awards along the way. Early in her teaching career, Martin-Gay developed a series of highly acclaimed lecture videos to support developmental math students in their quest for success. These videos formed the foundation for the fourteen arithmetic and algebra texts she would author.

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Elayn Martin-Gay's Textbooks

Elayn Martin-Gay has written more than a dozen texts, which are frequently updated to ensure that you are getting the highest quality book for your course. All of her texts are available with MyMathLab and her innovative Interactive Video Lecture Series, to help you learn and succeed in math.

Interactive Video

Interactive Video Lecture Series

The Martin-Gay Interactive Video Lecture Series offers a new interface with easy-to-use navigation that helps you quickly find and focus on the examples and exercises that you need to review.

You will find the following resources:

  • A complete lecture for each section of the text
  • Interactive Concept Check exercises
  • Student Success Tips Videos
  • Complete solutions on video for all exercises from the Practice Final Exam
  • Chapter Test Prep Videos

The Interactive Video Lecture Series is available with all Worktexts, Hardbacks, and the All in One text.

Chapter Test Prep Videos—now on YouTube!

The Chapter Test Prep Videos help you during your most teachable moment—when you are preparing for a test. You can watch Elayn Martin-Gay work through the step-by-step solutions for all the exercises in every Chapter Test. These videos are now available on YouTube (search "Martin-Gay" and the title of the book).

Organizer Options

The Student Organizer and Video Organizer are available in PDF format in MyMathLab.

Student Organizer

Are you always trying to find where you put your notes from class?

Would you like to be better organized with your notes and homework assignments when you're studying for a test?

The Student Organizer guides you through the three main components of studying effectively—note-taking, practice, and homework—and helps you develop the habits that will enable you to succeed in current and future math courses.

The Student Organizer can be packaged with the text in loose-leaf, notebook-ready format and is also available for download in MyMathLab and the Instructor Resource Center.

The Student Organizer is available with © 2016 & 2015 Worktexts, © 2013 Hardbacks, and the All in One text.

Video Organizer

The Video Organizer encourages students to take notes and work practice exercises while watching Elayn Martin-Gay's lecture series. It provides ample space for students to write down key definitions and rules throughout the lectures, and "Play" and "Pause" button icons prompt students to follow along with Elayn for some exercises while they try others on their own.

The Video Organizer is available with © 2016 & 2015 Worktexts, © 2014 & 2013 Hardbacks, and the All in One text.

Ready To Go Course

Click to zoom Ready To Go Course

New Ready to Go courses provide students with all the same great MyMathLab features, but make it easier for instructors to get started.

Video Check

Click to zoom Video Check Assignments

Video Check questions for the Martin-Gay Interactive Lecture videos are now provided for each learning objective. These exercises are all available in MyMathLab and are a great way to ensure students have viewed and understood the key concepts presented in the videos. Each exercise in MyMathLab links students directly to the video for viewing.

Organizer Options

Click to zoom Student Organizer

The Student Organizer and Video Organizer are available in MyMathLab.

Two MyMathLab course options are now available:

  • Standard MyMathLab courses allow instructors to build their course their way, offering maximum flexibility and control over all aspects of assignment creation.
  • New Ready to Go courses provide students with all the same great MyMathLab features, but make it easier for instructors to get started.

Both course options include a pre-made pre- and post- test for every chapter, Video Check and homework assignments for every section, and a chapter review quiz linked to a personalized review homework assignment. All of these items are also pre-assigned in the Ready to Go courses.

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Martin-Gay texts partnered with MyMathLab can be successfully implemented in any environment—lab-based, hybrid, fully online, and traditional courses—for a consistently positive impact on the quality of learning in higher education math instruction. MyMathLab is the world's leading online resource in mathematics, integrating interactive homework, assessment, and media in a flexible, easy-to-use format.

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