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What Is Pearson Nursing Reviews & Rationales Series?

The ultimate in NCLEX prep and course review!

For NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN test prep, MaryAnn Hogan provides a comprehensive outline review of the essential content areas tested on the NCLEX and thousands of practice questions and rationales. This book integrates core nursing concepts into categories of client needs as they are found on the actual exams, enabling readers to study for specific sections of the test based on the results of any predictor tests they have taken. Coverage includes the four client need categories: safe, effective care environments; health promotion and maintenance; psychosocial and physiological integrity; and all integrated processes on the current test plans.

Hallmark Features

More than 5000 practice questions—at Pearson's Nursing Reviews & Rationales

Simple study tips and plans—designed to help students study more efficiently

Memory Aid boxes—tying specific content from the review outline to the current Test Plan and Job Task Analysis

  • Helps students focus on the specific content
    and job tasks they need to master

NCLEX® Alerts—identify concepts that are especially likely to be tested on the NCLEX exam

  • Identifies subjects of especially crucial
    importance to the test takers

Practice Test quizzes—at the end of each chapter, testing mastery of that chapter's material

  • Provides timely review of each chapter's content

Comprehensive Sample Exam—at the end of the book

Answers & Rationales for all correct and incorrect choices—following each chapter's Practice Test

I.Q. sections—providing opportunities for students to check their exam readiness

  • Gives students additional opportunities to
    test their knowledge

Test-Taking Strategies—showing how to break down questions and select the right answer when it isn't obvious

NursingNotes Cards—offering quick reviews of testing strategies and frequently-used information, organized by category of client need

  • Provides fast-paced "flashcard"
    review students can take anywhere

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For the Nursing Topics Products in the Hogan Franchise

Pearson's Nursing Review & Rationales Series provides nursing students with a complete foundation for success both within the classroom and on the NCLEX-RN®. Each volume offers a concentrated review of core content from across the nursing curriculum, while providing hundreds of practice questions and comprehensive rationales, both in the book and on the accompanying website.

The website,, contains an item bank of approximately 300-400 (30 per chapter) questions for each volume as well as full eText version of the print edition, complete with links to a study plan.

The books in the series offer a complete, concentrated outline of course content. Each chapter provides student preparation tools for course exams or the NCLEX-RN®:

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