EMSTesting.com was created by nationally recognized experts, whose products are time tested and are proven to work. EMSTesting.com includes computer-adaptive testing, computer-based testing, validated final exams, online test generator and much more!

How does EMSTesting.com work?

Platinum Educational Group has developed EMStesting.com which allows you to create and administer tests to your students. You can choose questions by Provider Level, Module, Topic, Objective, Bloom Level and the National Registry practice analysis to name a few. You can even indicate what kind of questions you want to exclude! Students also have the ability to practice for their certification exams with the Computer Adaptive Testing component that is available.

Key Features

  1. Set up multiple classes, create quizzes, comprehensive final exams, view class results and utilize the computer adaptive testing feature!

  • Questions and testing instruments are valid, reliable, and discriminate properly.
  • Content is based on the National curriculum and crossed referenced to the job analysis.
  • Test items are updated routinely to improve their quality and customer satisfaction.

  1. Create custom tests based on the criteria you select. Choose the number of questions, Bloom Level, and/or select specific objectives.

What is a Bloom Level?

Bloom identified six levels within the cognitive domain, from the simple recall or recognition of facts, through increasingly more complex and abstract mental levels.

  1. View your class results.
  1. Analyze detailed results and compare them to others in your class or national averages.
  1. Students can create their own Computer Adaptive Testing experience.
  1. Students can view detailed feedback and determine the likelihood of passing their certification exams.

    Instructors can analyze results of individual students or classes.