Preview a title

Did you know that, as an educator, you can preview most Pearson titles online from the product pages of our catalog? Simply click the "Educator order info" button and select "Preview this title online."

If you need a printed copy, we're happy to send you one at no cost, provided you're considering the product or using it for your course. We ask that you return any copies that you decide not to use, to help us keep costs down for students. Note that this site contains many titles from our professional reference division, and these may not be available for free review.

College educators

If you are a college educator and need a printed copy of a title, find it in our catalog, click the "Educator order info" button, and select "Request a printed copy" on the product page, then complete the online form. Your request will be sent to a Pearson rep for review and fulfillment.

High school customers

In the U.S., call Pearson School Customer Service at 800-848-9500 to request an exam copy or make a purchase.

In Canada, use this online form to submit your exam copy request.

Outside the U.S. and Canada, select your country from the menu below to find contact information for your country’s International office.  

Corporate customers

If you would like to request an examination copy or make a purchase from Pearson, find the product in this site's catalog and note its author, title, and ISBN. Then send your request, along with your contact information, to the appropriate contact: U.S. | Canada

Outside the U.S. and Canada, please send your request to the Pearson office for your country. Find your office’s contact info.

Return unneeded examination copies

If you requested a printed exam copy and you decide not to use the text for your course, please use our pre-paid mailing label to return the items to us free of charge.

Doing so will let us send these products to other educators for consideration or as desk copies and will play a role in containing the costs of higher education textbooks for your students.

Note, this label can only be used to return free instructor resources; it cannot be used to return merchandise that you have purchased.