Learning Catalytics


This pricing is for customers based in the U.S. or Canada, or students able to purchase online in USD. If you are based outside of the US or Canada, contact your local Pearson representative for information and pricing (Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, Australia, India, Latin America, New Zealand).


Instructor account


  • Access a growing question library with thousands of questions
  • Deliver questions to your students in class
  • Monitor student performance in real time




Student account


  • Participate in class using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Review questions and performance after class
  • Use Learning Catalytics in an unlimited number of classes


$12 (6 months) or $20 (12 months)


Departmental/institutional license (US/Canada only)


  • Customize a license package to give access to students in your department or at your institution
  • Pay a simple per-student rate based on the number of students using Learning Catalytics in class


0-2499 students: $12 (6 months) or $20 (12 months)

2500-4999 students: $10 (6 months) or $18 (12 months)

5000+ students: $7 (6 months) or $12 (12 months)


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