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Answering the challenge to be more interesting than Facebook

Christine Bozarth, Northern Virginia Community College

Getting the point across in new ways

Jung Choi, Associate Professor of Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Increased engagement through the power of group learning

Jennifer Curtis, Chemistry and Physics Teacher, Oceanside High School

An automated way to incorporate peer instruction

Declan De Paor, Professor, Department of Physics, Old Dominion University

Why Learning Catalytics was the tool that really made me flip

D.J. Hennager, Associate Professor, Science, Kirkwood Community College

Seeing common misconceptions using real-time questions

Melissa Hines, Professor of Chemistry, Cornell University

Getting the classroom buzzing with team-based assessment

Kelly Hogan, Senior Lecturer & Advisor, Biology Department, University of North Carolina

Learning Catalytics for peer Instruction—more than just asking questions

Christine Lindstrøm, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and International Studies, Oslo and Akershus University College

The power of instant "Wordles"

Peter Pappas, Educator, Blogger, Keynote Speaker

A vehicle for including more voices in the conversation

Dan Perlman, Associate Provost of Innovation in Education and Professor of Biology, Brandeis University

Making the switch to a completely flipped classroom

Bill D. Richards, Geology/Geography Instructor, North Idaho College

Rewarding students for classroom participation

Amy Skibiel, Lecturer, Biological Sciences Department, Auburn University

It's not just a technology, it’s a way to engage your students

Matthew W. Stoltzfus, Chemistry Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Peer instruction at its finest!

Kalée Tock, Teacher, Stanford Online High School