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"As instructors ourselves, we are familiar with the challenges of making mathematics useful and interesting without sacrificing the solid mathematics essential for conceptual understanding.

By thoroughly developing mathematical concepts with clearly defined terminology, students see the 'why' behind those concepts, paving the way for a deeper understanding, better retention, less reliance on rote memorization, and ultimately more success."

— J.S Ratti & Marcus McWaters

Titles Available

Ratti and McWaters have combined years of lecture notes and classroom experience to bring you a series that connects concepts and maintains course rigor. An extensive array of exercises and learning aids further complements your instruction, which ultimately helps to improve student mathematical understanding and results in the course.

Precalculus Essentials

With a new addition to the series, Precalculus Essentials, this text offers the best of both worlds: fast-paced, rigorous topics and a friendly, "teacherly" tone. This text is developed with a focus on key topics for calculus preparation.

Two features specific to Precalculus Essentials that further develops preparation for calculus:

  • Maintaining Skills
  • Exercises for Calculus

Maintaining Skills

Click to zoom Maintaining Skills

Maintaining Skills problems appear in every section's exercise set, providing ongoing review of skills frequently required in Calculus courses.

Exercises for Calculus

Click to zoom Exercises for Calculus

Exercises for Calculus appear in every end-of-chapter exercise set, ensuring students can be well prepared for the calculus courses in the future.

Student-friendly Support

The features in this book are designed to help students see what they are going to learn and why. In addition, integrated study aids give you hints and tips at strategic places in the text.

Topics for Review

Click to zoom Topics for Review

Topics for Review help students refresh their memory on essential topics before beginning each chapter.


Click to zoom Objectives

Objectives preview the key points of the section ahead. These Objectives appear again at the appropriate pace in the section, putting each new topic into context.


Click to zoom Applications

Applications begin each section and the topic is revisited later in examples and exercises.

Procedure in Action

Click to zoom Procedure in Action

Procedure in Action boxes present important multi-step procedures in two-column format, illustrating the numbered steps of a procedure with a worked example.

End-of-Section Exercises

Click to zoom End-of-Section Exercises

End-of-Section Exercises include four levels of exercises:

  1. Basic Concepts and Skills
  2. Applying the Concepts
  3. Beyond the Basics
  4. Critical Thinking/Discussion Writing

End of Chapter Material

Click to zoom End of Chapter Material

End of Chapter Material is robust and includes two Practice tests and a Cumulative Review to prove mastery of concepts presented.

Work It Out

Ratti and McWaters encourage students to practice frequently. A variety of exercises develop conceptual understanding and support retention of important concepts that help prepare students for calculus.

Interactive Figures

Learn about Mathematica®-based interactive figures located in the Ratti/McWaters Precalculus: A Unit Circle Approach and Precalculus Essentials MyMathLab course and eText from creator Chuck Stevens of Skagit Valley College. Interactive figures can be used in lecture to engage students more fully and save time that would otherwise be spent drawing them by hand. Exercises pertaining to each interactive figure are assignable in MyMathLab and reinforce active learning, critical thinking, and conceptual reasoning.

Interactive Figures Videos Play video

Ready To Go Course

Click to zoom Ready To Go Course

The Ready To Go option makes it even easier to get started with MyMathLab. Includes author-chosen preassigned homework, integrated review, and more!

Enhanced Graphing Utility

Click to zoom Enhanced Graphing Utility

Graphing 3-point quadratic and 4-point cubic functions

New functionality within the graphing utility allows you to graph 3-point quadratic functions, 4-point cubic graphs, and transformations.

Enhanced Graphing Utility

Click to zoom Enhanced Graphing Utility

Graphing Transformations

New functionality within the graphing utility allows you to graph 3-point quadratic functions, 4-point cubic graphs, and transformations.

Video Assessment

Video Assessment

Section-Lecture Videos provide lectures for each section of the text to help students review important concepts and procedures.

Getting Ready

Click to zoomGetting Ready

Skill review quizzes are assignable throughout the course, testing students on prerequisite knowledge. From these quizzes, each student receives a personalized, just-in-time review assignment, allowing them to refresh forgotten concepts and become more successful in the course.

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Ratti & McWaters texts partnered with MyMathLab can be successfully implemented in any environment—lab-based, hybrid, fully online, and traditional courses—for a consistently positive impact on the quality of learning in higher education math instruction. MyMathLab is the world's leading online resource in mathematics, integrating interactive homework, assessment, and media in a flexible, easy-to-use format.

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