Accessibility Information

General Information

WCAG 2.1 AA standards form the basis of the Pearson Accessibility Guidelines for product development. We regularly review our existing platforms and content to improve accessibility. The following information provides tips and answers to frequently asked questions for those using Revel.

For additional accessibility information on Revel or other Pearson products, please see the support page for those products or contact Pearson Disability Support.

Using Screen Readers and Keyboard Navigation

Revel is keyboard and screen reader accessible for content, including narrative text, images, and quizzes. Please contact Pearson Disability Support with any issues or questions.

Recommended Screen Reader Configurations

NOTE: Pearson recommends using the current browser versions for the best user experience.



Windows 10 (or newer)

Firefox, Chrome, Edge


Windows 10 (or newer)

Firefox, Chrome

VoiceOver Desktop

Mac OS 10 (or newer)

Safari, Chrome



Revel App for Android

VoiceOver Mobile


Revel App for iOS

Tips for Those with Visual Impairments

Screen Resolution
You may find that lowering your screen resolution helps you see text and images more easily. As a start, try a resolution of 800 x 600 (in Windows) and see how that works for you. Learn more about how to change your screen resolution.

Browser Zoom
While you are working, you may want to magnify certain areas of the site. Use the zoom-in hotkeys available in most browsers.

Screen Magnifiers
Users who need to magnify a page may find that operating system or third party magnification programs work best. These programs have more options for magnification strength and other display settings including color and contrast.

Specifying Color and Contrast Settings
Some users may find that using a high contrast of a specific color scheme may help them to see content on pages. For example, a user may find it easier to see light text on a dark background, dark text on a light background, or in grayscale.

Closed Captioning

Revel videos include closed captions. To turn on closed captions, click on the "CC" button toward the lower right of the video. If you don’t see the "CC" button, place your mouse toward the bottom of the video frame until the video controls appear.

Please contact Pearson Disability Support if you encounter a video that is not displaying closed captions or if you need additional help with the controls.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking may be used with Revel.

Interactive Content

Revel titles may include interactive activities to enrich the content experience. These activities were built to support screen reader and keyboard accessibility. The Revel team is committed to accessibility and is in the process of updating content that is not yet fully aligned with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. Some activities involving drag and drop motion or sliders include alternative accessible content. If you come across an activity where you have an issue using your assistive technology or keyboard, please reach out to us at and provide the title, author, chapter, and name of the activity. We will investigate the issue further and respond promptly.

Accessibility Documentation & Audits (for campus staff)

We provide up-to-date, clear and straightforward statements on the accessibility of our products. VPATs and Accessibility Conformance, Compliance and Remediation Forms (ACC&R) are available for many products upon request. Please contact Pearson Disability Support for more information.

If you are a campus accessibility professional auditing a Pearson product, let us help you run a valid test the first time around by ensuring you have:

  • the most current version of the product available,
  • the recommended combination of browser and operating system,
  • student access for the product you are testing.

For Additional Information

For additional information, visit our site about Pearson Higher Education accessibility. Please direct any other questions to Pearson Disability Support.