An ongoing conversation with teachers and learners

We are developing Revel with educators and students from across the country to make sure it facilitates the achievement of their goals. Here’s what instructors have to say.

“Because students had actually read, I had the time to do experiential things in class. One of the more popular exercises we did was on group work. After students finished, we spent time unpacking the exercise and connecting it back to what they read.”

—Kellie Mzik, Pellissippi State Community College (Communication)

“Before Revel, I spent 73 of 75 minutes lecturing on what students should have read but didn't. With Revel, I spend those 73 minutes on targeted remediation using the performance dashboard and group activities.”

—Manda Williamson, University of Nebraska (Psychology)

“I was able to spend my time building on the textbook concepts instead of just reiterating them because my students had a foundation from Revel.”

—Sandra Berry, St. Louis University (Teacher Education)

“Discussions were much richer. There were more students who were reading, so they actually referenced course material during our discussions fairly regularly — something that rarely happened before.”

—Curtis Lehmann, Azusa Pacific University (Psychology)

“The regular, integrated practice in Revel helped prepare my students for our longer, more complex projects. In those projects, students created solutions using Java in preparation for the complex exams.”

—Frank Ducrest, University of Louisiana–Lafayette (Computer Science)

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