Revel Computer Concepts

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Designed for how you want to teach — and how your students want to learn

Revel is an interactive learning environment that engages students and helps them prepare for your class. Reimagining their content, our authors integrate media and assessment throughout the narrative so students can read, explore, and practice, all at the same time. Thanks to this dynamic reading experience, students come to class prepared to discuss, apply, and learn about computer concepts — from you and from each other.

Instead of simply reading about computer concepts, students are empowered to interact with and apply them to a variety of interactives, videos, and quizzes. Through its engaging learning experience, Revel prepares students to meaningfully participate in class and provides the skills they need to be digitally literate in their everyday lives and the workplace.


Videos in each chapter help explain key topics that can be hard to comprehend from a static photo or description.

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Engaging Interactives

Interactive exercises, such as IT simulations, allow students to engage with concepts and take an active role in learning.

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Concept Checks

Embedded practice quizzes and flashcards help students gauge their understanding before moving on to the assessments.

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