Revel Management

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Designed for how you want to teach — and how your students want to learn

Revel™ is an interactive learning environment that engages students and helps them prepare for your class. Reimagining their content, our authors integrate media and assessment throughout the narrative so students can read, explore, and practice, all at the same time. Thanks to this dynamic reading experience, students come to class prepared to discuss, apply, and learn about Management — from you and from each other.

Instead of simply reading about motivation theories and concepts, students engage with them. They can watch a video on McClelland’s Three Needs Theory, complete a “drag and drop” activity illustrating the five core job dimensions, or explore an interactive photo gallery exhibiting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Revel makes Management more hands-on and stimulating — all with the tap of a finger.

Chapter Videos

Each chapter opens with a video debunking myths such as “all employees are motivated by money.” Additional videos address key theories and concepts.

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Interactive Photo Gallery

Students take an active reading approach by interacting with key figures and completing matching, “drag and drop,” and other activities as they go.

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Concept Checks

After reading about major topics, students can complete a brief assessment to gauge their mastery and show their instructor what they learned.

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