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Designed for how you want to teach — and how your students want to learn

Revel is an interactive learning environment that engages students and helps them prepare for your class. Reimagining their content, our authors integrate media and assessment throughout the narrative so students can read, explore, and practice, all at the same time. Thanks to this dynamic reading experience, students come to class prepared to discuss, apply, and learn about religion — from you and from each other.

The dynamic media in Revel allows students to immerse themselves in cultures very different from their own. For example, interactive maps show the spread of religious movements over time and across space, offering a better view of how the religious landscape evolved. So when studying Buddhism, students can see where and how the religion has grown. By providing opportunities to read about and explore religion in tandem, Revel engages students deeply, which leads to a better understanding of course material.

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Interactive Maps

Interactive maps illustrate religious movements across time and different locations.

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Writing Space

Writing Space helps educators develop and assess concept mastery and critical thinking through writing, with everything you and your students need in one location.

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End-of-chapter flashcards allows students to easily study key terms in the context of their reading.

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Spoken Audio

Revel's spoken audio, often recited by the content authors, helps students learn the new and foreign terminology that is central to the course.

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