Revel improves learning outcomes

Revel improves students' course grades and exam scores. In our numerous research studies, the data show that students who engage with Revel are more prepared for class and get better grades. In addition, instructors benefit when they use Revel performance data to identify struggling students.

Explore our research to feel confident that Revel is right for you and your students.

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The latest Revel evidence

Improve performance and final grade

“Students that do their work in Revel do better on exams and subsequently in the course.”

– Dr. Elizabeth Williams, adjunct professor of Political Science at Santa Fe College in Florida

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Increase final course grade

“Revel students who persisted in assigned programming tasks until they improved their score saw almost half a letter grade increase in final course grade.”

– University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)

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The impact of Revel on outcomes

Course Achievement

Improve final course scores

“Final course scores improved 17% after implementation of Revel.”

– North Georgia Technical College

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Enhance course success

“Students earning higher Revel scores earned significantly higher average participation, average exam, and final course scores.”

– College of the Sequoias, Visalia, CA

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Boost student engagement

“I see that students who are engaged with Revel and reading the textbook are doing very well in my course.”

– David Toye, full-time professor at Northeast State Community College in Tennessee

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Increase engagement through interactive resources

“I think students are more engaged. I think it really has to do with the fact that they are not just reading a book; they have videos, audio reading to them, and interactive components...”

– Jeffery Byrd, full-time professor at the University of Northern Iowa

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Help students prepare for class

90% of students agreed that Revel quizzes made them more prepared for class.

– Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA

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Enable students to communicate what they don’t understand

“[Revel] does help [students] be more prepared for gives them a foundation to ask a question so they can communicate what they are not understanding.”

– Wes Abercrombie, professor at Midlands Technical College in South Carolina

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Skills Development

Help students gain mastery

“When you have repetitions with practice and automatic feedback, it provides [students] with an opportunity to gain mastery.”

– Dr. Manda Williamson at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

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Encourage students to think critically

“Revel gives [students] a foundation for understanding content and it is their first exposure they are going to have to think critically about psychology.”

– Garth Neufeld, full-time professor at Cascadia College in Washington

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Instructor Success

Hone instruction through analytics

“The analytics that Revel provides get me excited. I want to know what my students struggle with because that guides how I teach them.”

– Dr. Manda Williamson at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

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Help struggling students

“For the students that do not do well on their exam or need some improvement, the first thing I do is go into Revel and see if they are even using the system.”

– Terri Evans, part-time professor at a two-year college in British Columbia, Canada

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Collection of Revel case studies

Business & Economics

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All Revel disciplines

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The evidence-based design of Revel

Revel helps improve learner outcomes through four primary learning design principles.