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Revel facilitates active learning to help students succeed

Now available for all secondary schools! Revel improves results by empowering students to actively participate in learning. More than a digital textbook, Revel delivers an engaging blend of author content, media, and assessment. Your students will be able to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Educator Preview and Adoption Registration | How to Purchase | Important Purchasing Details

Educator Preview and Adoption Registration

Educators will need to register, via a brief one-time process, in order to access Revel programs, whether you are previewing or purchasing for use within your course.

Follow these registration instructions for high school educators to create an account or activate your existing MyLab or Mastering account for use with Revel.

How to Purchase

Please read the important information below before purchasing.

  • Locate the program(s) of your choice by exploring the Revel course offerings.
  • Ensure that your selection reads “Revel,” then consider which purchase option below (if offered) is best for your situation:
    • Multi-Year Adoption: Select Revel programs are offered to high schools with either a 1- or a 6-year purchase option. View high school course solutions in the Savvas AP, Honors, and Electives catalog or Savvas Career and Technical Education catalog to determine if the multi-year option is available for your title/program and to help determine which ISBN to order.
    • Institutional Licensing: Select courses are offered with a K-12 Institutional Licensing purchase option. This means that students will not need an access code to join your course. You will simply share a course enrollment URL that will allow your students to create their personal account and enroll in the course(s) without being asked to redeem a code. View courses offered with K-12 Institutional Licensing to determine if this option is available for your title/program and to determine which ISBN to order.
    • Access Code Cards: If your title is not included in one of the options above, you should order the access card ISBN on the Revel product page. This is the ISBN that appears to the right of the Revel symbol as seen below. Disregard the other sales options and pricing on the product page since these are for individuals purchasing online with a credit card or PayPal.
  • K-12 institutions need to submit the Revel ISBN(s) on a standard school purchase order for processing. Contact your Savvas Account Manager for assistance with price quotes and order processing.

Important Purchasing Details

  • Educators must set up a course for students to access Revel courseware.
  • Before using the Revel mobile app, all students must register for a course online through a web browser.
  • You must purchase a Revel ISBN as indicated above. Standalone Pearson eText ISBNs are not currently available for K-12 customers.
  • Revel is sold per student, per course, and is limited to online access for up to one year. No multi-year options are available, and access is non-transferable.
  • Each ISBN ordered will result in delivery of a physical access card with a unique code, which enables one student to access the online learning environment.
  • Loose-leaf, three-hole punched, unbound texts are available to students/parents as an additional purchase within the Revel course via a credit card or PayPal. No bulk/institutional options to purchase loose-leaf versions are available.