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Learning doesn't stop when you walk out of class or step off campus. Download the Revel app to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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The Revel app Download the Revel app to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With the Revel app from Pearson, you can read, practice, and study anytime and anywhere — and set notifications so you never miss a due date again. The Revel app lets you access course materials on your tablet or mobile phone, offline and online. You can read your full text, or listen via the audio playlist feature (available for most titles). Your progress automatically syncs across all devices, including your computer and mobile devices. So you can learn as you move throughout your day — on the bus, between classes, or whenever you have a moment — without breaking stride.

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Key features

The Revel app brings Revel to life on your tablet or mobile phone, so you can learn without limits — whether you're online or not. Check out some of the ways that the Revel app lets you learn where you want to, when you want to.

Example: Revel offline access
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Offline access

The Revel app lets you download your course materials to your devices, so you can read and study even when you're offline.

Example: Revel customized notifications
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Reminders & Notifications

It's easy to set reminders using the Revel app. You decide when and how often you want to receive assignment notifications to best fit your schedule.

Example: Revel audio access
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Access to audio

Need to review the chapter during your commute? Full audio of your text, available for most courses, lets you listen and learn as you go.

Example: Revel quizzes
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Complete your assignments on your mobile device to prep for class whenever you have a moment. (You must be online to access assessment.)

Example: Revel vocabulary study tools
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Vocabulary study tools

Activities like flashcards and matching games let you study anytime, anywhere. And you can view your progress after each activity to track how you’re doing before exams.

Example: Revel highlighting and note-taking tools
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Highlighting and note-taking tools

The Revel app lets you highlight key passages and take notes, so you can study however you like.

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