Revel for Sociology: Demo

Video Transcript

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When students connect sociology to their lives, they can start to envision how to change society for the better. An interactive learning environment can help students see the world in a way that print textbooks never could. That’s where Revel comes in.

Revel offers a dynamic reading experience by infusing the narrative with interactive features that connect sociology to students’ lives. This increases student interest and engagement &8212; and inspires students to think critically about their roles in society. The Revel mobile app lets students learn anywhere, anytime, on any device. And because our authors can update the content more frequently than print, you don’t have to spend as much time curating up-to-date examples of concepts such as stratification, deviance, and culture.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that help students view the world in new ways.

Pearson Originals videos harness the power of visual learning to bring the real world into your classroom. Exploring complex social and political issues, these contemporary videos prompt students to think critically as empowered citizens who can inspire social change.

Interactive maps, figures, and tables with Social Explorer technology let students interact with real data to explore concepts they've just read about. These interactive data presentations emphasize a key takeaway: that sociology is based on research and evidence, not opinion.

Current Events Bulletins are author-written articles that help students connect chapter concepts with real-life current events. Fresh topics every semester help students better understand and relate to the content.

Integrated throughout the narrative, these features help students understand key concepts and how to use them — in the course, their lives today, and their future careers. And by keeping content current, engaging, and relevant, Revel helps hold students accountable for the number one out-of-class homework assignment: reading. So they come to class better prepared — to learn, to participate, and to interact.

Let’s see a printed text do that.