Revel: Break Through to Learning Reimagined

Video Transcript

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Amy Marin:
One of the things as an instructor that I’ve always done is to spend a lot of my time and energy and effort into making the classroom as exciting as possible. But there’s a real disconnect between that and assigning students to go home and read a passive textbook.

Richard Arum:
Students are not very engaged with the material that they’re experiencing in colleges and universities.

When Pearson launched this Revel™ platform, we were one of the first to move over from this traditional textbook format to this new platform.

Catherine Medrano:
Revel is an immersive technology where students instead of just reading the traditional textbook, they can read it online and it really allows them to reflect on the material.

Bill Brands:
The biggest strength of Revel from my perspective is its integration of the learning and then the evaluation. In a print textbook the students read, and then sometime later, and usually in a different location, they come and take a test. But with Revel, it’s all right there and so the students go from the learning to the evaluation.

Kevin Davis:
Revel just works so well with my busy schedule because I can pretty much fit it anywhere in my day. It’s so accessible; I can pull my laptop out if I have a 30 min. break between workouts or just if I need to check my grade or go over flashcards, I can just pull it up on my phone. At the end of your section, you get a 5-question quiz so it really puts pressure on you to learn that content because those quizzes are part of your grade.

Catherine Medrano:
My class used to be an intro-to-intro Sociology; because they weren’t reading, I had to start from page 1 and try to give them all the information I could in 75 minutes. Now when I come to class, we can have engaging discussions, we can move beyond just the intro part of it.

As soon as I started on it, I really got into it and just kept going and going. It’s just an all around learning tool; I’m soaking it all in.

Revel actually helped me improve my grades. I wish it were there for the rest of my classes.