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Sullivan | MyStatLab for The Statistics Series | Pearson
Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, 5/e
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Fundamentals of Statistics, 4/e
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Putting It Together

The latest editions in Mike Sullivan’s statistics series incorporate the most current methods in teaching introductory statistics. These texts demonstrate how the power of technology can be used to develop conceptual understanding of statistical concepts through simulations and classroom activities. Sullivan’s practical emphasis resonates with students and helps them see that statistics is connected, not only within individual concepts, but also with the world at large.

The different approaches in the series acknowledge that there are different philosophies for teaching the discipline and provide flexibility in the presentation of the material. Regardless of the approach, students will develop statistical literacy, reasoning, and thinking throughout the text and course.

Personalize learning with MyStatLab, an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program, designed to work with this series to engage students and improve results.

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