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MyStatLab for
Interactive Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data


Interactive Assignments offer a new and innovative way to assess students in MyStatLab, presenting statistical concepts through seamless learning and assessment. Students read a little, watch a little, and do a little, experiencing the material in a new way while developing conceptual connections and better retaining knowledge. A variety of strategically placed multimedia elements so they learn each concept in the most effective way.

Step-by-Step Examples

Step-by-Step Examples guide a student from problem to solution in easy-to-follow steps. Examples and solutions are also provided via video, with instruction described in several different formats—by-hand, TI-84C, and StatCrunch.

Technology Step-by-Step

Technology Step-by-Step instructions walk students through using the TI-83/84 Plus and StatCrunch in each example solution.

Applet Activities

Applet Activities help students learn concepts through an experiential approach. Follow-up exercises assess understanding of the concepts.


  • In Other Words animations take statistical definitions and concepts, and state them in simple, everyday language.
  • Caution animations alert students to potential pitfalls when conducting statistical analysis.


Assessment follows each example, asking students to work through several exercises to assess their mastery of the concepts. At the conclusion of the Interactive Assignment, homework is pre-assigned so students may test their understanding of each section in its entirety.

The Interactive Statistics eText, available outside of the Interactive Assignments, integrates all of the same multimedia elements but also offers several additional powerful resources. eText chapters also include powerful end of chapter review material, including MindMaps. Each chapter summary is delivered with a MindMap in both video and visual map format.

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