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Revolutionizing the way students learn.

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Trigsted MyMathLab Series for College Algebra Interactive

Experience a new level of student learning.

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The Trigsted MyMathLab Series

An integrated guided learning experience

Do your students become frustrated with resources in different places? Do they often come to you not knowing what to do next?

Everything your students need to be successful in your course is located in one convenient place. Built entirely within MyMathLab, the Trigsted MyMathLab Series delivers a completely clickable, totally integrated learning experience.

Try the Trigsted MyMathLab Series today to start seeing improved results!

“My students can really relate to this, it's a true animation. It would be like someone standing up there and teaching without them being in a classroom setting.”

Donna Densmore, Bossier Parish Community College

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Volunteer State
Community College

After just one semester, VSCC College Algebra students' average final exam grades improved by 91 percent.

“I saw how interactive [Trigsted] was for the students, and it was fabulous. And I knew then that if the students would take the time to go through the eBook, they would be successful.”

Rita Sowell, Volunteer State Community College

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

University of Mississippi

Seventy-three percent of the students using Trigsted MyMathLab Series in the on-ground course earned an A, B, or C, compared with 64 percent of the students using another online program.

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