Fast. Reliable. Accurate. The Versant Tests of Spanish, French and Arabic Higher Education Editions are automated tests of oral proficiency that can be used for a variety of academic purposes.

Versant Tests can help you measure the oral proficiency level of:

  • Spanish language students at the end of their first year of language study, their second year, or at any point in the students’ language learning.
  • Entering graduate students.
  • Graduating seniors with a major in Spanish, French, or Arabic.
  • Exiting majors with certification for teaching Spanish, French or Arabic in secondary schools.
  • Students preparing for bilingual jobs in Healthcare, Education, Business, and more.

Making use of advanced speech recognition techniques, the Versant Test includes several different sections: Reading, Repeat, Opposites, Short Answer Questions, Sentence Builds, Story Retellings, and Open Questions.

Versant Test of Spanish, French, and Arabic use the same technology and scoring methods as the Versant Test of English. Read about how Versant delivers results.


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Purchasing Information

The Versant Tests of Spanish, French and Arabic Higher Ed Editions, powered by the patented Ordinate® testing system, are available at a reduced price for administrators or students at the university and college levels only through Pearson Higher Education.

Electronic test codes can be purchased on a sliding scale by clicking on the links to the right. The sliding scale for online codes is:

1-19 Tests:
20 to 199 Tests:
200+ Tests:


Test codes can also be purchased standalone or in packages of 2 test codes for stocking in bookstores or for package with Pearson Education titles.

For information on how to purchase for stocking in bookstores or in a package with a Pearson Education title, please contact your Pearson representative.


Versant Tests are fully automated and can easily be taken over a phone. A detailed score report is available minutes after the test is completed.


Versant Tests are highly reliable (split-half reliability of 0.96), delivering more consistent testing without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and locations.


Highly correlated with the OPI and other human-scored tests of oral proficiency, Versant Test scores generated by the patented Ordinate® testing system are virtually indistinguishable from expert human scoring, ensuring confidence in the results.

Test Description and Validity Document

Fact Sheet for Versant Spanish: Comparison to ACTFL Level

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