Revel Product Enhanced Features

Enhanced Features

The new enhanced Revel is available for select titles this fall. Take a look at how it’ll help you teach how you’ve always imagined — and give you the tools you need to help your students succeed. To brush up on the hallmark benefits of Revel, check out the core features of all Revel products.

Enhanced Revel assignment creation
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Easier assignment creation

We've reimagined assignment creation to make it easier to add content, set due dates, and publish assignments in one step.

Enhanced Revel assignment settings
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Flexible assignment settings

Now you can set up assignments however you like. Change due date and time, availability, and points possible for any content within an assignment. And you can extend due dates for individual students or the entire class.

Enhanced Revel Educator Dashboard
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At a glance performance insights

Assess student progress at a glance with the new Educator Dashboard. You can see how well students are preparing for class, the average grade distribution, who is struggling, and what’s due next.

Enhanced Revel class results view
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A clearer view of class results

Easily see how your students are doing, from performance on specific assignments to overall grades, with Enhanced Grades view. New visual indicators help you identify struggling students.