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I’m always on my phone for work, so I always have it on my person.

To have the ability to use it for school as well is super convenient because it’s already there, no matter where I am.

The Revel app, it’s way more interactive than just the regular textbook. There’s quizzes and there’s tests to make sure that I’m understanding what’s going on.

And there’s the mobility of it, so you’re not stuck to a desk, you’re able to multitask.

Chapter 7, Cognition and Language. Learning Objectives: Module 7.1.

Being able to pair the Revel app and use the audio over my Bluetooth as I’m going to my clients has been huge for multitasking, getting my homework done, and getting my job done.

What is cognitive psychology? The mental processes associated with seemingly simple tasks are surprisingly intricate. For example, a job waiting tables at a restaurant involves multiple-.

I travel all over the state with my job, sometimes I’m out in the rural areas where I don’t have great signal.

So with the Revel app, I can be offline and still access my homework and my chapters.

It’s given me the ability to be present when I need to be present, and the ability to also get my homework done.

The Revel mobile app has definitely made my life easier.