Revel Business & Economics

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Empower students to actively participate in learning

Revel for Business and Economics gives you the flexibility to teach how you’ve always imagined. More than a digital textbook, Revel delivers an engaging blend of author content, media and assessment.

Embedded interactives throughout the narrative bring the discipline to life and encourage students to think critically about concepts. Videos, cases, simulations and activities ask students to solve actual business dilemmas — exposing them to real-world situations and getting them to think like true business professionals.

By helping students take an active role in their learning, Revel boosts engagement and improves results.

Assignable Readings

Educators can indicate which readings must be completed on which dates. This clear, detailed schedule helps students stay on task by eliminating any ambiguity as to which material will be covered during each class. When they understand exactly what’s expected of them, students are better motivated to keep up.

Chapter Videos

Videos in each chapter break down complex concepts that can be difficult to grasp from reading alone.

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Concept Checks

After each video or major concept, students test their comprehension and give their instructor immediate feedback.

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A Dashboard

The Revel Dashboard allows educators to see the details they care most about as soon as they enter their course: overall class progress, recent activity, and struggling students.

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Imagine the impact of first-day access on your course

Offering course content through the Pearson Inclusive Access model can help students achieve more by providing affordable, high-quality digital course materials on or before the first day of class. Because all students have access by day one, faculty can start teaching and students can start learning.

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