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Designed for the way today's Communication students read, think, and learn.

Revel offers an immersive learning experience that engages students deeply in communication, while giving them the flexibility to learn their way. Media interactives integrated directly within the authors’ narrative enable students to delve further into key concepts without breaking stride.

Rather than simply offering opportunities to read about and study communication, Revel facilitates deep, engaging interactions with the concepts that matter most. For example, when learning about public speaking anxiety, students are prompted to complete a self-assessment to gauge their own communication style, and explore ways to improve upon their skills. By providing opportunities to read about and practice communication in tandem, Revel engages students deeply, which leads to a better understanding of course material.

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Self Assessments

Personal Report Self-Assessments allow students to analyze their own communication style, enabling them to learn and grow over the duration of the course.

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Short-Speech Excerpts

Abundant in-text speech excerpts let students listen to audio clips while they read, bringing examples to life in a way that a printed text cannot.

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Video Quizzes

Video examples of sample speeches and expert advice throughout the narrative boost mastery, and enable students to test their knowledge via self-checks.

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Animated Figures

Animated Figures help students understand hard-to-grasp concepts through interactive visualizations.

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