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Break through To one-of-a-kind course materials

Select your ideal content and align it with your syllabus. Then publish and share with your students.

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Pearson Collections Product Features

Pearson Custom Library is now Pearson Collections!

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Learn more below on how Pearson Collections makes it easy to design and share your custom content with your students.

Create a Collection for Your Course

Your course materials should match your course, not the other way around. We offer a robust catalog linked to easy-to-use curation tools. Everything is set up so you can easily design your custom content and then share it with your students.


Collections, the Pearson custom library, includes hundreds of bestsellers across dozens of disciplines. You can freely mix and match between any discipline.

Add Your Own

Upload and include your syllabus, articles, notes—whatever you need for your course. The first 50 pages are included at no additional charge.

Build and Organize

Once you’ve created a Collection and found the content that you want to use, you can easily add, remove, and organize the content. We have a variety of cover art images to choose from, and you can add your own custom text to the cover.

Preview Online

You can preview your Collection online at any time. Review the content and either make edits yourself or contact our team to help with changes.


Share your Collection with your colleagues, who can use your Collection as-is or modify it to fit their own needs.

Instructor Support

With our services options, you can build your own Collection or we can do it for you. Contact your sales representative for more information.