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One-of-a-kind course materials

Easily select the content you need and share it how you want — digitally or in print.

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Pearson Collections Product Features

Create a Collection for your course

Your course materials should match your course, not the other way around. We offer a robust catalog linked to easy-to-use curation tools. Everything is set up so you can easily design your custom content and then share it with your students — digitally or in print.

Go digital

If you choose to share your Collection as a digital eTextbook, you can also share notes with students directly in the reading.

Learn how to go digital with your Collection.


Quickly and easily search the Pearson Collections library, locate the material you want, and add it to your personalized text with a single click.

Pearson Collections lets you freely mix and match chapters from thousands of Pearson titles, business cases, and literature readings.

Add your own material

Upload and include your syllabus, articles, and notes — whatever you need for your course. Once you’ve added at least four chapters, you can upload your own material.

Build and organize

Once you’ve created your Collection, you can easily drag and drop to add, remove, and organize the content.

You can personalize your book even further with a custom cover, title page, and print binding.

Preview, review, and submit online

You can preview your Collection online at any time to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Review the content and either make edits yourself or contact our team to help with changes.

Once you’re happy with your Collection, select Submit Collection, sit back, and relax!


Share your Collection with individual colleagues or your institution. They can use your Collection as is or modify it to fit their own needs. Then simply pass along your Collection’s unique ISBN to your bookstore.

Instructor support

You can build your own Collection or we can do it for you! Contact your Pearson rep for more information.

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